Robotics: maturing at last?

2019 is the year that robotic process automation will finally mature, says a report in IT Pro Portal. It’s from an article by Kofax so you can well imagine there are vested interests at play but there are also valid points from a major player in the market.

The article highlights a number of things that will change this year, from clients becoming more demanding of their robotics partners to falling costs to more data analysis, and we can see this happening as part of the nature of an evolving technology.

In terms of the market maturing, our initial reaction is: about time, too. Your editor took up his post in 2014 and at that point there was a lot of talk about RPA but very few people actually using it (other than a guy he met at a trade show who swore blind his Excel macro was a robot). Use cases have cropped up a lot in the last couple of years and there is an argument that suggests robotics is now mainstream – equally there is another that says an editor’s perspective is going to be skewed by people making big announcements, and those announcements are bound to be on the more advanced technologies available.

Either way, we’re going to have to find some new ‘robotics’ images or the entire publishing industry is going to be guilty of pushing out visual cliches every day!

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