Robotics isn’t an article of faith

Putting the next issue of Intelligent Sourcing together is always an entertaining process – never moreso than when contributors start to have minor disagreements with each other.

In the last issue, for example, we had a viewpoint from the Everest Group that pointed to a number of people claiming they used robotics or that they had digitalised their business. There was a certain dispute around this, however, as some of the clients visited by Everest had started by having their services “cleaned” – so duplication and unnecessary processes were removed before any digitalization was applied.

Everest, understandably, is concerned that people are claiming to see benefits in digitalization which aren’t actually associated with it. An interviewee from the next edition, however (and yes you’ll have to wait for the issue to see who it is), is quite proud of the cleaning-up that happens prior to digitalisation. His company builds it in as part of the process and offering to the client.

This is the crux, for us; our interviewee spells it out to the client. The client is therefore not paying for services they are not getting, they are paying for what they see as an extra service. Bundling the whole thing up as some sort of digital dark art is another thing entirely and we’re not in favour.

But a saving is a saving, however it’s achieved. As long as nobody is calling it “digital” and adding a zero to the price, we reckon few people will actually mind where the saving is from.

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