Rightshoring: more than location

Last night Intelligent Sourcing and our colleagues at Sitel hosted another of our dining club occasions. As the headline suggests, this time the theme was around rightshoring – and unexpectedly to many, neither speaker (Keith Price, UK regional sales director for Sitel and Mike Havard, chief executive at Ember) was keen to talk about locations.

Rightshoring, they agreed, was about the thinking behind the location rather than the location itself. The idea that one country is better than another with no context is meaningless, they suggested. Somewhere as expensive as London can be more appropriate than, say, India, if the requirement is for native speakers of European languages; meanwhile India, said Price, wasn’t “a thing”, it was millions of people, and finding the right people was as much an issue there as anywhere else.

It’s more reasonable to look at the business imperative for right shoring or whatever other sort of shoring first and work backwards from objectives, they concluded, in a wide ranging discussion. Further detail will be in March’s edition of Intelligent Sourcing.

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