Philippines still growing

OK, this is probably our fault. We keep publishing stuff that says traditional outsourcing is in trouble, countries depending on it need to raise their game and so on. And then reality intervenes and you get something like the Philippines.

Because instead of growing while the traditional outsourcing industry was booming (as it did) and then starting to decline as people woke up to the possibilities of automation and robotics, particularly in the contact centre arena (which is after all one of the Philippines’ major industries). the country is now expecting investment to grow even further.

This is taken from a report drawn to our attention by the GSA’s Sourcing Focus site, itself quoting an IDC analyst towards the end of the report.

What’s clear is that the shape of outsourcing is changing and that digitalisation will matter above all else as we move into the next phase of sourcing. Whether a business has truly absorbed the need for full digitalisation or is in fact indulging in a bit of “digital-washing” is something that we will examine in the next issue of Intelligent Sourcing, due out at the end of September.

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