Philippines responds to AI threat

Intelligent Sourcing has written a great deal about artificial intelligence (AI) for the very good reason that it’s going to be increasingly important. Industries such as business process outsourcing (BPO) and its subset contact centres are already being disrupted and this can only increase.

We’ve also highlighted the likely difficulties for territories that appear dependent on the traditional forms of BPO such as the Philippines, but the country appears to be fighting back. BusinessWorld is carrying an article suggesting the region is far from beaten.

The occasion that prompted this particular article was an interview with Everise, recently the subject of a tie-up with Microsoft over the AI market. The angle is very much that the essence of success in BPO is going to be about human and machine working together rather than competing with each other and the one knocking the other out of any given market.

For what it’s worth we agree completely. The difficulty will only be felt by people who can’t or won’t upgrade their skills to work in the new environment, or whose employers don’t see it as their job to train them. Questions have already been asked in the Philippines about job security as a result.

Intelligent Sourcing will continue to report on any developments.

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