Philippines fights back with aggressive recruitment target

A lot of coverage recently – including our own – has focused on robotics and how it will reduce the overall headcount in the contact centre industry. We have extrapolated from that the idea that economies with high dependency on contact centres may suffer and have looked at the Philippines as an example. The country appears to have been pushing back pretty hard.

Further evidence that the territory will continue to perform well comes from the Interaksyon website, which says the Contact Center of the Philippines (CCAP) is targeting between 10 and 15 per cent growth in recruitment in the coming years. This would mean all but doubling the current growth rates at a time when cold logic suggests a slow-down (note, though that slower growth would still be growth).

The idea is that private enterprise and government could co-operate alongside education and other institutions. Further, the CCAP brings in evidence that at the moment, students are leaving college without the right qualifications to get a job.

It’s this last bit that troubles us. It may be a matter of phrasing but the report appears to suggest that if students leave college inadequately qualified, they can always go and get a job in a contact centre. Surely, if the industry is going to continue reaching its current levels of professionalism, it’s got to be more than a dumping ground for the underqualified?

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