Outsourcing myths debunked

Long-term readers will know that Intelligent Sourcing’s news feed has a long tradition of highlighting other sources of useful information and thoughts, which is why today we’ve been reading and are recommending a look at CIO‘s article on eleven outsourcing myths they’ve debunked.

Yes there’s a clickbait element to this (lists with a specific number tend to do well) and by all means it’s subjective, but we’d recommend it to subscribers, who will be able to read it (it’s behind a paywall, sorry).

If we could pick one myth and debunk it completely during 2018 then it would be the several-faceted “All outsourcing deals are the same”. This is the way a lot of commentators and particularly government procurers behave.

At the moment in the US there appears to be a backlash, partly from the White House, suggesting that all outsourcing is bad and involves offshoring. This simply isn’t right.

In the UK there has been an element of the same. Since the Carillion debacle, outsourcing’s reputation appears to have sunk to an all-time low. Meanwhile in the 1990s and the early part of this century the government behaved as if outsourcing was some sort of panacea for any public sector service delivery woe.

All of the difficulties experienced in these cases start with the view that all outsourcing deals are the same, so it’s applied or removed on principle rather than after a careful examination of the factors that will aid success.

We think this is nonsense and a good way to guarantee failure. Starting from the desired end point and working backwards, looking into whatever form of sourcing is actually going to deliver, has to be a better way.

We’re baffled people are still beginning with an assumption about whether outsourcing is good or bad in isolation and working on deals from there.

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