Offshoring looks off colour

OK, nobody laugh, but…it looks very much as though the forthcoming post-Brexit British blue passport is going to be manufactured not in the UK but by a Frango/German company.

Alert readers will recall this is the passport that prime minister Theresa May made quite a play of getting back, not mentioning that Britain was always free to select whatever colour passport it wanted and it was in fact Margaret Thatcher who chose the burgundy colour; also not mentioning that if the country reverted to the older-style passport and retained the older size then they wouldn’t fit into the e-passport machine, so the original style is of its time anyway.

The more we think about it, in fact, the fewer concerns we can recall about the colour and shape of the passport during the UK’s tenure as a member state of the European Union. However, we’re sure that the EU will benefit from the manufacture of the new ones.

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