Now you can automate employee engagement with AI

employee engagememt

Artificial intelligence is getting to be more important all the time and fits into more and more contexts. Now Beyond360 is making it work in the employee engagement mix.

We should make it clear that nobody is suggesting there’s any substitute for treating your employees like human beings and actually thinking about them once in a while. But AI and machine learning can help. The new system from Beyond360 automates the collection of employee feedback and get to training and coaching, among other things.

It is available as a white-labelled service so a business can put its own branding into it, making it appear seamless to the employee.

I strongly believe people are every organisation’s greatest asset,” said Paul Shoker, CEO of Beyond360. “I believe the market is in need of a common platform which supports personal s:development, improves wellbeing and creates happiness and loyalty in the workplace. It’s vital to make every employee feel like an ‘intrapreneur’ by giving them a voice, ownership over their work and a genuine sense of belonging.

“There are many software applications that offer a variety of ways to engage employees. These include workplace feedback, ways to provide ideas, mediums to offer coaching and development and ways to improve employee wellbeing. The sporadic nature of this approach to maximising human capital wastes time and resources, and now organisations can streamline business processes and enrich the user experience for employees all via one online portal. This is achieved through the utilisation of artificial intelligence and the implementation of gamification principles. Employers and employees can access the platform from multiple devices which means they can bridge the engagement gap from wherever they are working.”

An early adopter of the portal, Rebecca Coates, HR Director, Auckland Castle agreed: “We are highly impressed with Beyond360’s fresh thinking approach to employee engagement and the capabilities of the portal to cement our new brand values and behaviours. We are already reaping the benefits as a business and our employees have really embraced the new portal.”


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