New York, new research

Just a short item today – Intelligent Sourcing is in New York (or when you read this, on a plane back) after facilitating an event for Infosys and its company Edgeverve.

A write-up will comprise part of the “Out and About” section of the next issue of Intelligent Sourcing, out in June (which we’re starting to realise is appallingly soon); some of the highlights included:

  • Reiteration of the theme Edgeverve adopted in London when we hosted them – proof of concept is valueless to the board, proof of value is much more persuasive;
  • From the audience, the idea that there will be trainable, specialist robotic software is much more persuasive than the idea that everyone is going to adopt “RPA” as some amorphous mass;
  • The decision makers care a great deal less about robotics, AI or whatever else we’re going to call it – for them it’s about solving business issues and nothing else. Which we assumed anyway but it was good to have it confirmed again.
  • Plus fresh research from Everest…

More in the next issue. Our thanks to Infosys/Edgeverve for the opportunity to help with the event.

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