New website, new title, new look

Professional Outsourcing Magazine has had a major overhaul and so has its website, as those of you reading this on the site will have noticed. We’ve changed the title and have a completely new look.

We are now Intelligent Sourcing. The original title served us well for seven years but the market has changed. Not only that but it’s been years since we wrote exclusively about outsourcing. We’ve covered (and will continue to cover) shared services, offshoring, captive companies, nearshoring, robotics and increasingly artificial intelligence. Then there’s the stuff we don’t really cover; recruitment is a prime area, but PR people take a look at the “outsourcing” title and pitch away regardless.

So the new title is broader but, we hope, a better reflection of what we do. The brief has expanded slightly and in addition to our regulars we now have a look at Brexit and a column from the Everest Group. We’re dropping the supplement and putting everything into a bigger issue.

We think it’s an improvement. The magazine is fresh and we thank our designer Leon Parks for the new look. The editor is as clapped-out looking as ever and thanks cheap moisturiser.

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