New contact centre for St. John’s, Canada

The thing about protectionism, as espoused by the current president of the world’s biggest power, is that it ends up excluding things like “outsourcing” and “call centres” because nobody has really looked into what these things actually are, unless someone’s taken the trouble.

So when we read about hundreds of new jobs in a modest contact centre in St. John’s in Canada, reported here on CBC, we could – unless, again, we’d taken the trouble to go and find stuff out, be forgiven for wondering how come we weren’t reading about jobs going overseas, to another continent, or staff coming in from elsewhere and arguing about visas.

Instead we find that left to its own devices, business has produced a perfectly pleasant 500-person contact centre opening after a multi-million-dollar investment, with the support of the Federal government and with the hope that it will over time produce over $131m of economic activity.

We’re taking against this anti-outsourcing thing quite badly. Anti-bad-outsourcing, yes, but this actually looks like quite a good idea.

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