Nepal strikes out as outsourcing location

Nepal has joined the many countries (no, seriously, there are a lot) positioning itself as a major outsourcing hub, according to the Kathmandu Post.

The publication cites cheapness of labour as the main driver, with the industry apparently reaching Rs6 to 10 billion (around £41.7m to £69.5m – not huge but it’s not a huge country).

The article is a very general backgrounder on Nepalese outsourcing; most noticeably to us, it focuses on cost cutting as the ultimate purpose of offshoring. In our view this is part of the mix of course – if you’re not saving money you might as well pack up and go home. We’d be interested, however, to get the low-down on the work ethic and the best practice/quality commitments of the companies and people that work in the territory; every time we have a briefing from a country aspiring to become a world leader in BPO we note that the cost benefit is the bit that almost goes without saying – the quality, best practice and other benefits have to be in place too.

(And yes we know the picture has nothing to do with outsourcing – but it’s Nepal, we’ve been working hard and we find it soothing).

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