NelsonHall accredits Conduent

We write quite a lot about contact centres and indeed our current “relaunch” issue has a focus on the customer journey. Often the function is left to the specialists and a lot of companies offer contact-centre-only services.

Conduent, on the other hand. is a broader company offering diversified business process services, so it’s all the more remarkable that research company NelsonHall has awarded it the accolade of leader, specifically in the customer service arena through telecommunications.

The recognition comes from the 2017 NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation and Assessment (NEAT) report on CMS in Telecommunications.

“Today, telecommunication companies’ customers expect a personalized, on-demand, multichannel experience at a minimum,” said Christine Landry, group chief executive, Consumer & Industrials, Conduent. “With our automation and analytics-driven solutions, our clients can deliver a personalized experience via chat, social media or the phone that leads to a tailored positive outcome for each of their customers; a true-to-brand experience.”

Social can be an issue

We find this pretty reassuring at Intelligent Sourcing magazine. It’s not long since we visited a contact centre in which the provider was allowed only to work on the phones and on Webchat, but not permitted to go near the social channels. Inevitably when an irate client called in with a comment like “I’ve been Facebooking/Tweeting about this for a week” the agent would be stymied: unable to say “I don’t work for the company itself” (one of the worst things to say for a customer as it passes the buck and makes the service look unconnected) but unable to engage on the media themselves.

Things are improving and Landry’s comments suggest the realization of the importance of social media is growing. It can’t be soon enough for us.

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