Nearshoring: the answer to the conundrum?

If there’s an Intelligent Sourcing contributor with an intelligent view and it’s published somewhere, readers know we’re never slow to mention it. If it’s something about nearshoring, you can be sure we’re going to say something and if the contributor is about to contribute to a special report on customer experience that’s just – yesterday – gone to the printer, you can imagine we’re not going to be shy about it.

The article in question is Teleperformance CEO Europe Matt Sims writing about nearshoring in CustomerThink.

His idea is that nearshoring is the way forward for customers for a lot of reasons including Brexit, the American tide turning against offshoring and a great many other business drivers.

There’s a lot in this. But we wonder whether there’s something in our title, too. Since our rebrand a couple of years ago, maybe the sensible policy is not so much nearshoring or offshoring as…intelligent shoring? Rightshoring? Like, when it’s going to help a business, shore it there, and when it won’t, maybe not?

Just call us ‘radical’.

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