More speculation on robotics killing outsourcing

At the risk of getting predictable, someone else is talking about robotic process automation (RPA) killing the traditional outsourcing market. We can’t see it ourselves but it’s worth noting when people think it’s likely.

This time it’s Information Age, which is suggesting that transactional and mechanical functions will go away shortly in favour of the automated function. Outsourcing, the article says, is slowing down as a result.

To an extent this is true but as we’ve said often, it depends what you actually mean by ‘outsourcing’. To us, the term carries a number of connotations and can include full IT outsourcing, cloud and yes, RPA. It was this broadening of the sourcing market that led us to rename our magazine, “Professional Outsourcing”, as “Intelligent Sourcing” a couple of years ago – just focusing on sourcing didn’t make sense any more.

So yes, the mix is changing but it was always going to. And outside the people whose livelihoods are directly affected, it’s only a handful of journalists and analysts who are really concerned with the exact terminology. Sourcing intelligently will continue to evolve, always – and Intelligent Sourcing will continue to keep readers up to date.

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