LPO tagged as a growth area

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) may prove to be an excellent place to be over the next few years according to Reports Herald, which is carrying a forecast on how the sector will perform until 2015.

The data comes from Gartner, whose report on 2019 onward is referenced in the coverage although little detail is given.

The sector is one that Intelligent Sourcing has been watching for a while. Robotics is becoming increasingly important for the lower level tasks in the field such as data entry, which is likely to cause issues later on as juniors will find fewer ways to build up their experience – which is fine now but future generations will have to find their senior partners from somewhere.

The forecast also assumes that world events will have settled somewhat by that time. We’re looking forward to that; in the meantime anyone claiming they can forecast what’s likely by the end of this year alone has our respect alongside a slight wariness!

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