Latin America: the highlights

The Readwrite website is looking into locations for outsourcing in Latin America, citing the region as a hub for digital talent as government initiatives from the various countries have persuaded Amazon, Alibaba and others to set up shop there.

The region is said to be particularly strong in IT development, with areas such as (sorry Mr. Trump) Mexico being particularly rich in skills, also Columbia as discussed in Intelligent Sourcing a few issues ago.

The report highlights Argentina, Brazil and Puerto Rico as the main territories to watch in the region over the coming 12 months; meanwhile competition from the Caribbean and particularly Jamaica, as explored in Intelligent Sourcing’s recent country report, are equally convenient for the American market, replete with the right skills and have governments hungry to build their economies on the strength of this and other industries.

The American market for outsourcing has of course been hit by statements from the current president even if businesses are not yet voting with their feet; Intelligent Sourcing will be watching any disparity between political statements on “America First” and what the enterprise community actually does.

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