John Lewis unveils 400 contact centre jobs

British retail giant John Lewis is to expand its contact centre operation and add 400 jobs, according to the Cornwall Live site. Given the site carrying the announcement you probably don’t need us to tell you where the positions will be located – it’s going to be in Plymouth, obviously in Devon (got you there – it’s close to Cornwall and of course the Devon press has picked the story up as well).

Unlike many John Lewis employees, though, the new agents won’t be shareholders in the company (the retailer has a policy of issuing shares to everyone so they are motivated to build up their business rather than work for someone else); the contract for running the facility has gone to Sitel.

The idea is to have all 400 people in place for the Christmas rush, which suddenly feels a lot closer than it did since October starts in less than a week (although we could do without the mince pies appearing in the shops already – if we buy them now they’ll have gone off for the big day anyway).

This marks an extension of an existing relationship between the two companies.


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