Jampro calls for training blitz

The Jamaican outsourcing industry is going through a major growth phase (no doubt aided and abetted by our country report) and now Don Wehby, chairman of inward investment agency Jampro, is calling for more training for workers. According to the Gleaner he estimates that the sector is now set to produce 11,000 jobs per annum.

It’s feasible – if you go and have a look at the plans for and potential of the development in Naggo Head, mostly open ground when Intelligent Sourcing visited earlier this year, there’s no reason this target should be unrealistic.

Wehby, a government senator, cited that the sector had already produced 32,500 jobs and he saw no reason that should slow down. Meanwhile prime minister Andrew Holness, quoted in the same piece, suggested that it could be as high as ten times the figures quoted by Wehby.

110,000 jobs per annum? We’re less than convinced of that and suspect Holness was speaking figuratively (meaning “a lot more than” rather than literally ten times a figure). But we’ll be watching the area very closely.

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