Jamaicans seeing BPO as first choice


Want a thrusting career in Jamaica if you’re a young person? Then look no further than business process outsourcing (BPO), which was previously seen as a stopgap but now, according to a report in the Jamaica Observer, is coming up more and more as a first choice.

They are starting to move to Montego Bay, the report suggests, as a result of the career opportunities opening up. Yes there are the contact centre jobs and by all means some of the agent work is pretty low-level, but it’s sinking in that these are sophisticated organisations opening up.

The report is worth reading. It quotes school leavers who went in as very low-level and became a supervisor within three years. This is a sure-fire sign of a maturing industry and even more importantly it’s a sign that people are aiming for proper, structured careers within these growing companies.

The Jamaican government is focusing increasingly on BPO; we’re guessing there will be a lot more stories like this in the Jamaican Observer, Daily Gleaner and no doubt other Jamaican press, as the effects are felt increasingly.

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