Jamaican supplement is out

Have you thought about outsourcing partners in Jamaica? Intelligent Sourcing has and if you’d like to leave your details on this page you can read our exclusive supplement on the territory, available in PDF form.

Our editor spent several days attending a conference, listening to the Jamaican prime minister and talking to some of the leading investors and participants in business process outsourcing during his research. Not only have numerous high-profile BPOs invested there already, there is a selection of home-grown businesses serving the market as well.

The language skills, the growing standards in education and the work ethic all add up to this being one of the best countries to partner in the Caribbean. The time zone is perfect for servicing the USA and Canada, and the economy is growing alongside the tax regimes from a business-aware government.

The 16-page report is available for download right now on the link above.

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