Jamaica sets out stall for BPO

If it’s a new year it must be time for a country or several to start jostling for prominence as locations for outsourcing companies. This week Intelligent Sourcing has published its report on Johor in South Malaysia and now we find a conference in Montego Bay has put the Caribbean forward for near-shoring in the region.

Reported in the St. Lucia Times, the Outsource to the Caribbean Conference – subtitled “Leveraging the Nearshore Caribbean for Outsourcing Services” – aimed to raise the industry’s profile and request more focus be given to it by the authorities. It was organised by itelbpo.

We can see the flaw in the plan immediately although we don’t have a ready answer: if you’re going to use a conference to call for extra focus on a market from the government, you’re almost certainly drawing attention to the fact that there is insufficient focus in your view as things stand. This opens the door to other regions pointing to the fact that they already have excellent deals and incentives.

This has possibly influenced the idea of going for nearshoring rather than putting feelers further out into the market. Intelligent Sourcing will be watching the area’s progress with interest, particularly as it’s a bit cold where we are.

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