Jamaica: impressive work in progress

Intelligent Sourcing is on its travels again, and this time we’re to be found in Kingston, Jamaica, hosted for a couple of days by inward investment agency Jampro.

It’s still the first day but we’ve found out some interesting stuff. Usain Bolt is investing in a BPO centre and it’s being built right now. The amount of infrastructure building over here, including a complete new Tech Park, is stunning, hence the headline above. And if you get taken to Devon House for one of their legendary ice creams, do not order a double no matter how generous your host – it melts in the heat faster than it’s physically possible to eat it.

Montego Bay is often seen as the main outsourcing location in the territory but the agency is actively and successfully marketing the Kingston area, which has a number of successful players already established, including Sutherland as a RPA player – we mention this particularly as it maintains a presence at the University of the West Indies, where it established its first office here. It now runs a much more central ‘statement’ office and several others, but it’s never left the Uni.

Tomorrow: Montego Bay, and in a few weeks our special report will be available – but Kingston has left quite an impression.

Pic: the editor’s panorama of Kingston, Jamaica. With a clearer photographer you can probably see for miles.

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