Jamaica gains more BPO jobs

Of all the territories we write about as outsourcing giants, some just never seem to rise to the top – until they do. Jamaica has steadily been gaining more and more jobs every time we look; this time the Gleaner points to 5000 new jobs being created in the very near future.

The positions will arise following the building of a new business park by Stanley Motta Ltd., which is a subsidiary of the Musson Group.

Residents can expect the jobs to come from BPO company Alorica, which is investing some $30m (American) to build what it believes will be the biggest BPO facility in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Every time we hear someone telling us that automation is taking over and robotics will take all the jobs, something like this happens. 5000 jobs. There’s clearly life in the real-person market yet; we’ll be interested to hear how the company assimilates modern technology as well.

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