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December already? Actually no it’s not, but in Intelligent Sourcing Towers it kind of is because we’ve just finished the December issue and are sending it to the printer.

In it we cover security, and more particularly security seen through the prism of working with third parties. If you’re using the cloud for your IT, what do you need to ask your provider – and what’s going on under the bonnet? We have an overview and a deep dive into the technical details. And what about the outsourcing world in general – if someone else has taken over your infrastructure what’s the ruling on who’s responsible for security?

Our tame outsourcer talks about trust as a component of this, and the editorial mentions the issue of reputation management regardless of who’s contractually responsible. All of this plus the regulars on legal issues, location work and an interview with a couple of authors rather than our usual book reviews – we’d welcome feedback on that little change.

Expect to see it in the week starting 10 December, or watch out for its release if you’re a digital subscriber.

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