Is winter coming for cloud?

A thoughtful article in Dzone published within the last few hours makes a disturbing assertion: the cloud may have had its day as an enterprise technology (at least that’s what the headline says). Are you ready? We’ll leave you to read the article for yourself but for us it raises a deeper question.

When did you last revisit your cloud/outsourced/in-house strategy? This is where these things really start to fail; people don’t have the time or inclination to revise what they’re doing.

This is easy for a small company to say, of course, and nobody should underestimate the difficulty and complexity of taking a 1000-strong IT team and refocusing them onto a private cloud, and that’s before you start to acquire new equipment and migrate applications and data.

However, if you hadn’t revised your social media policy for a year – and it’s easily left alone – you might still have some focus on Google+ (closing 2 April although we’re not sure who’ll notice). Similar outdatedness can apply in the computing sphere; what looked spectacular in 2017 may well have been superseded by now.

This is easy to say and less simple to put into action. Nonetheless it can be worth asking yourself: when did you last check you were up to date in terms of infrastructure? And if you use a third party, how often does their contract say they will proactively check that you’re not out of date?

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