Is customer experience so intangible?

An excellent article in Forbes challenges the idea that customer experience (CX to its friends) is a “thing”; it’s a feeling, the article says, and it shouldn’t be treated as anything else.

It’s worth a read and as work slows down a little (if you’re lucky) at this time of year it’s a good time to consider the nature of what you actually do. CX specialists can sometimes appear a little abstract as they refer to “delighting” their clients.

The issue we have with the piece is that it’s fine to say CX is a feeling to people who don’t have to measure its effectiveness. For the rest, the pressure is constantly on to deliver better than they were before, the whole time, and unless there are criteria under which it becomes a “thing”, that’s actually an impossible task.

So we’re sticking with CX being a measurable thing. We can say it behind our hands and pretend it’s not happening really, but ultimately anything in which a company is investing resources will need justification – and CX definitely costs money.

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