Indiana: jobs still going to offshoring

A great deal has been written – by us as well as anyone else – about how the president of the United States has got it wrong, offshoring isn’t the main threat to US jobs, he needs to watch automation.

A new study from the University of Indiana begs to differ. Reported in WFII, it suggests that more jobs are going the other way – positions moving abroad are still costing the US economy employment positions.

Well, yes. First, the report refers mainly to manufacturing so a lot of the issues about keeping jobs in the US remain even if you automate – the cost of real estate being prime among them.

The other issue is that this is a report about what’s happening now rather than what’s likely in the near future. By all means offshoring is still huge, but let’s not assume that means it’s always going to be the prime mover behind changes in job structures. Ultimately, whether the environment is changing due to offshoring, automation or anything else, the answer is to establish how to work within the new setting rather than complain it shouldn’t have changed in the first place.

Unless it’s just us..?

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