Improving customer experience

The ever-reliable Forbes has put together a 12-point guide on how to improve customer experience. It includes some excellent guidelines such as ensuring users have to give out their information only once, responding to feedback, watching outsiders engage – so we thought, why not offer a few of our own? Here are our top five.

  1. Stop telling us we’re on a journey. To you as the CX manager there is a journey but immediately you mention that to the customer, your jargon is showing. It needs to look natural; immediately we feel we’re on a journey you’ve planned for all of us, it’s not working.
  2. Co-ordinate everything. Your correspondent recently ordered a few things from a well-known online retailer. He asked for them to be delivered as and when they were available. They arrived in three separate deliveries on the same day. We appreciate logistics is complex but, again, we don’t want to see it.
  3. Related to this, how about working back from the point at which the customer is happy and mapping your route in reverse? Literally, draw the “journey” backwards – you might well see a better route or find some staging points you hadn’t realised were there.
  4. Be honest. If you’re using an Indian contact centre, don’t (and we don’t believe people still do this) allow them to pretend they have British names. Yes, Asian names can be complex to westerners, but if someone identifies themselves and obviously can’t pronounce a name they are claiming is their own, we’ll twig sooner or later. Be proud of who you employ and encourage them to be proud of themselves – a bit of self-esteem is not going to hurt.
  5. Take responsibility. It’s a minority that does this but there are still CX operatives out there who, when told something has gone wrong, instantly start responding by pointing to the amount that has gone right. It’s not that we’re not pleased for you. It’s just that we don’t care, we want our problem sorted out before we start celebrating everybody else’s successes.

Glad we got that off our chest…

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