Ibis changes customer experience

An excellent report in Business Traveller looks at changes to customer experience in Ibis hotels. As you arrive, instead of going to the front desk and checking in the usual way, you will be greeted by staff with tablets – not robot staff as these have proven ineffiicient and in one case got themselves fired – taking a few extra details because you will already have checked in online.

Sometimes an idea is so thumpingly obvious it’s almost annoying. The editor has lost count of the amount of times he has checked in online before picking up an aeroplane flight, only to have to wait ages as a cumbersome procedure takes place to enable him to go to his hotel room.

The next issue of Intelligent Sourcing will be out late next week/early the week after and focuses on innovation. One perfectly valid form of innovation, however, is to take an idea that’s worked perfectly elsewhere and apply it to a new market as if it were new.

Checking into an hotel remotely just like a plane. Now that someone’s said it, why can’t you always do this?

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