How Trizma’s Organisational Structure supports business delivery

At Trizma, our mission is “Dare to Discover”, to go beyond by continuously exploring opportunities to accelerate business performance for our clients. It is a promise, whereby the Partner Services, Company Services and People Services teams synergise to understand, evolve and accelerate under the new Trizma Organisational Structure.

Trizma was founded in 2002 as the first independent call centre provider in Serbia. As organisations searched for increased efficiencies in their operations, Trizma expanded its services into Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), such as document processing, IT help desk, advanced CRM and HR outsourcing. From early on, our leadership understood that BPO is not only about operational efficiencies, but also about redesigning key organisational processes and aligning them with the new customer-centric model, data insight (Big data, Predicative analytics, BI, IoT) and software engineering. 15 years on, Trizma is now recognised as the regional leader in providing management consulting and customer support. Our Smart Model is based on close integration and our client relationships based on trust, dedication and loyalty.

Behind every idea is story.

The evolution of our business model required structural changes so that we could be better for ourselves, our clients and society as a whole. We canvassed feedback from stakeholders in and outside of the organisation and took an ‘empty piece of paper and a wood pen’ to start drawing what the future could look like.


Lasting change comes from driving towards an exciting goal that creates a compelling purpose. People only believe and support change when they understand it, agree with the urgency to act, and start to work differently and in a more positive way than before. It is work that connects with values and where business leaders are authentically engaged to make it happen.


With this story, our organisational structure evolved. We knew for the changes to be embedded, our people would have to connect on a functional and an emotional level if we were to create the passion to participate in something new. The story had to be clear in operational terms and yet link to purpose, with the desire to make tomorrow better for our colleagues, partners and society. We trained ‘pioneers’ in the business who cascaded information and key changes to their respective teams, in addition to regular town halls, leadership briefings and people communications.


The new organisational structure was introduced at the beginning of 2017. We were intentional about creating a culture that supports speak up and ownership, so that our people take personal responsibility and accountability for delivering a unique customer experience. We have equipped our people with the skills, tools and techniques to make a make a step change in the level of service and satisfaction they offer our clients and partners.


The new organisational structure supports agile teams in a less hierarchical, more fluid work environment centred on partners and society. The intention is to create self-organising and self-managed teams in which everybody can be a leader in a different area, leveraging team players who trust and rely on each other. The Human Resources team was restructured to People and Culture, focused on hiring process, employee support, people development and the creation of the Trizma Learning Centre. The team completed a review of all job descriptions and created a values-aligned behavioural framework. With this approach, every Trizma employee and function is empowered to reinforce outcomes that shape the future of outsourcing so that our partners and clients can accelerate their service and value.


Every organisation is a live system. The whole system now supports the Trizma core values – to love what you do, be honest to yourself and others, quality first to deliver WoW service – challenging ourselves to embody our mission to accelerate beyond. Our aim is to offer the most relevant and value-add services to our clients around the world.


The story continues as we write new pages every day by building custom designed processes and systems that bring continued success to our partners, personal and professional development to our people and differentiation in service delivery.

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