How do your skills need to change?

Back from our latest video shoot and although I’m not going to spoil it yet by naming the interviewees and their company, it was once again on the topic of robotics and artificial intelligence.

This time we were discussing the impact on the employee. Many readers will be involved in markets that may well involve some sort of automation; on this occasion we were discussing contact centres (what, you’d guessed that from the cheesy old phone pic?) and the impact for their HR support is vast.

Have a think about just a few areas. If you’re changing your workforce because the simple transactional work has gone away, can you really recruit them in the same way? You actually need to be fishing in a slightly different pool. Once you’ve done that, the onboarding process is by definition altered, you can’t assume this radically different staff will assimilate in the same way. Likewise career development; a staff more inclined to self-service will want to interact with their employer in a different manner compared to their predecessors.

These and many other issues will be debated in our next video – our first under our new brand, Intelligent Sourcing, but you can rest assured the same standards will be brought to you by the same team.

The same partnering company will be offering an article in the next issue of Intelligent Sourcing, which will be out by the end of this month.

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