Home working schemes for women in India?

According to the Hindu, the Indian government is looking at extending its support for BPO by encouraging women to work from home.

The initial scheme aimed to build 48,000 seats in the BPO industry and just under three quarters of that amount are now allocated, according to the Indian government. This latest initiative is intended to bring women and particularly housewives back into the workplace if they want to be more productive.

The backdrop to home working is an interesting one. At a recent event co-hosted by Intelligent Sourcing and Teleperformance, aimed at the public sector, it became apparent that not all workers want to work flexibly; there are people whose lifestyles dictate it, of course, but there are also those who will feel isolated and the onus is then on the managers to make people feel part of the team. There are clear instances in which feeling part of the team becomes difficult and the managers themselves can feel unsupported.

Conversely there is a huge pool of talent to be exploited. “Housewives” is a term that can conceal legal professionals, medical specialists and numerous highly-qualified people on a career break, who’d rather not report to a contact centre every day for work but who can be highly effective if allowed to work in the way they wish.

Home working is an idea that can pay dramatic dividends financially and in terms of quality. It’s also a concept that’s criminally easy to mess up by assuming it’s simple.

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