Hexaware top rated by Whitelane

Whiteland Research has counted Hexaware as one of the top BPO providers for overall customer service satisfaction. The result is from the research organisation’s European IT outsourcing survey, an annual publication.

The research took in more than 4,600 unique IT outsourcing contracts held by over 1,500 top spending IT organisations in Europe. Hexaware received an overall customer satisfaction score of 79%, compared to the average score (70%) for other service providers.

The company had the most satisfied customers in application development, maintenance and testing and was rated in second place in that category, against traditional service providers. The company was positioned well above industry average on several Key Performance Indices (KPI), as per the study. It held the top spot for various KPIs like service delivery quality, good and effective escalation process, reporting quality in a timely and accurate manner, price level on par with the market and contractual flexibility.

The company’s ability to offer new innovative technologies and services fetched it a high score of 65 % (the highest being 70%) from an innovation standpoint. From a trustworthiness perspective, Hexaware ranked second, with a customer satisfaction score of 81%.

“We are extremely grateful to our European customers who have placed the highest level of trust and satisfaction in our service offerings,” said Amrinder Singh, Senior Vice President Europe Operations, Hexaware Technologies. He added, “Our top ranking for customer satisfaction is attributed to our ‘Executive Attention’ to each of our customer engagement, ability to provide large scale transformational solutions, supported by our unique digital and innovation capabilities.”

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