GSA calls for outsourcing rebrand

The Global Sourcing Association held an event this week at which chief executive Kerry Hallard called for outsourcing to rebrand itself. This came partly as a result of the Carillion fiasco but let’s face it, the press the sector was getting before then was hardly spectacular.

The organisation’s own website describes the idea as a “call to arms” and describes the current outsourcing market as a “burning platform” – this is pretty dramatic but it’s not far from the truth.  The facts are, however, that outsourcing delivers value when it’s done right.

“Outsourcing is and remains a critical part of public sector service delivery,” Hallard said, “and of the economy as a whole – and while recent attacks on the model have often been extremely wide of the mark it’s clear that the industry’s standing in the public eye needs urgent improvement. This is an opportunity for those of us involved in outsourcing to stand up and be counted, to celebrate our successes, and to demonstrate the almost incalculable value that we deliver every day.”

Intelligent Sourcing will keep its eye on the campaign and report back.

This news feed will take a swift break over Easter and return on Tuesday 3rd April.

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