Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor & Asset Management Summit

- | Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor & Asset Management Summit

Engage and Influence: Accelerate Business Performance While Optimizing Costs

Do you have the right IT services and products in your organization to enable your organization to achieve its business objectives? How are your sourcing and procurement processes evolving to stay relevant in the age of digital business? How quickly can you leverage the external technology market for new ideas and innovative solutions? How can you maximize the value of your vendor relationships?

Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor & Asset Management Summit, 26 – 28 September 2018, in London will help you to meet these challenges through better collaboration and interaction with IT, business stakeholders and external partners. This conference aims to provide you, and your team, with a broader and deeper agenda, offering more content and more networking opportunities.

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The agenda is designed to help you:


  • Negotiate better deals for IT services, software, SaaS, cloud and hybrid infrastructure
  • Collaborate with IT vendors to reduce risk and achieve desired outcomes
  • Develop strategies to optimize the supply of IT services and products
  • Manage IT assets throughout their lifecycle and prepare for software audits
  • Improve financial transparency and optimize IT costs
  • Foster collaboration between sourcing, procurement, asset management, IT finance and vendor management
  • Exploit the potential of technologies such as IoT, A.I. and Blockchain
  • Transform your discipline to remain relevant in the digital age

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