Further Jamaican moves on BPO

Sometimes you start following a story and it goes nowhere – and sometimes it grows almost before you’ve finished typing the last update. So it is with the latest move in the story of business process outsourcing in Jamaica.

The country hasn’t been seen as a major centre for the industry as yet but after a couple of stories (here and here for example, although there were more last year) there’s more. The Jamaica Observer is reporting that the Factories Corporation of Jamaica (FCJ, obviously) is going to devote 830,000 square feet of business space to BPO. It’s going to cover two facilities and will account for 23,000 employment opportunities in the sector.

You’ll notice that this isn’t exactly going to have people from India and the Philippines choking into their cornflakes but it’s a major start with serious backing.

One facility will have about 80,000 square feet and be in the Morant Bay area; the lion’s share of the initiative will be in the Naggo Head facility, which will account for all the rest. The plan is for this to become a major technology park.

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