Fujitsu and Kofax team up on RPA

Fujitsu and Kofax have entered a partnership on robotic process automation (RPA), basically a sales arrangement.

The agreement covers the world and to us it looks like quite a coup for Kofax, which until 18 months or less ago was trading as part of Lexmark.

The two companies are already selling RPA solutions in Japan and this new move will do a lot to consolidate that.

The official announcement said: “Organizations are under immense pressure to digitize and automate all aspects of their operations, yet many still rely on manual tasks for vital business processes which may increase errors and costs. RPA is increasingly deployed to address the need to automate manual, repetitive tasks, eliminate errors, and deliver 100 percent data accuracy, thereby improving productivity, quality, and cost savings.”

This we already knew – but it’s a salutory reminder, for commentators if nobody else, that the assumption that everybody basically has this stuff taped is a bit of a delusion. Intelligent Sourcing magazine writes a lot about AI and there will be a major focus on Blockchain in the next issue; we should never lose sight of the fact that the real world is still catching up with robotics.

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