Forget proof of concept

Our thanks to Infosys and EdgeVerve, our joint hosts at our dining club event yesterday evening, and particularly to Julian Herbert of the Everest Group who stood in at such short notice as a speaker when one of his colleagues was stricken with a bad cold.

It was a lively evening and one of the main takeaways came from Mark Mahara of Infosys partner EdgeVerve. His company advises against doing straightforward ‘proof of concept’ experiments (POCs), which are commonplace in the sourcing and robotics industry. Instead the organisation prefers to talk about proof of value (POV).

The principle is that too often the board in a major organisation will see a change, understand part of it and take an attitude that says, OK, that’s nice, and not do anything with it. If the focus is on the value the move brings rather than the plain idea that it works, it’s going to play better to the decision makers.

There’s a lot in this, we suspect, and it should apply to more than robotics. Anything the board has to approve must surely demonstrate its business value – which in turn means the IT department aligning itself to business value.

Has your IT operation adjusted its terminology to be business-friendly?

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