Ethical outsourcing and how it can help

Occasionally Intelligent Sourcing uses this space to inform readers of something interesting rather than an actual news event, and so it is today. The London School of Economics has produced an excellent article on ethical sourcing, to which we draw your attention.

It takes apart the idea that outsourcing in the public sector is anything new as this is clearly pretty ridiculous, it’s been around 30 years – but looks into ways of making it sustainable.

Intelligent Sourcing concurs that not only outsourcing but every business contract should ideally have some sort of weather eye on ethics. Longer-term readers will (we hope) have noted our enthusiasm for so-called “impact sourcing” and corporate social responsibility.

The only question in our collective mind is why there has to be some sort of special category for being responsible and decent; why exactly there is any sort of case for excluding ethics from a contract.

Call us naive, we don’t care – but we draw the article to your attention with some enthusiasm.

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