East London – the next level

Yesterday our South African trip made a change of pace as we visited one of the less obvious venues for outsourcing locations, East London. This is definitely one of the smaller provinces.

We visited an industrial park and we heard about the science park, the innovation, the fact that competition for employees was starting to gain pace in the bigger cities whereas if, say, you wanted to launch a BPO or contact centre around here, there would be fewer companies around to try to poach your hard-won staff.

(Yes of course we made the point that if the thing took off bigger-time that advantage wouldn’t last).

The area is rich in the automotive industry and there is a lot of industry happening at the port. Major road works are set to improve the town as a bypass is put in place from the airport so less and less freight should go through the residential areas.

It has a great deal to recommend it and there is funding available for organisations that might need it. More will follow in our special report, but we were impressed by the pride the area showed in being vibrant if not necessarily among the biggest and most obvious regions for investment.

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