Dimension Data: CX is key in financial services

A report on MSN published earlier today is suggesting – we believe rightly – that customer experience is becoming key in the financial services sector. A major driver, the company suggests, is the emergence of the so-called ‘challenger banks’ in the UK, which is something that resonates with us a great deal.

Challenger banks and indeed any start-up have the advantage of a great deal less baggage and aren’t stuck in the mire of how to manage their data; they have also been created in an environment in which CX is recognised as an important facet of how a business can manage to grow.

This ought to be an opportunity for many of Intelligent Sourcing’s readership, which is focused on business process outsourcing and contact centre management in particular. Sharing best practice across sectors is something the specialists and outsourcers do when at their best; even though the banking and financial sector is regulated within an inch of its life, the older giant banks need help now as they never have previously.

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