Democrats look to derail outsourcing in Tennessee

It seems like only yesterday we were telling you about the new outsourcing arrangements in Tennessee and the objections being made to it – well, now, the objections have reached the courts.

According to the Nashville Ledger, Democrats are talking to Republicans about publishing a lot of bills that will stop the outsourcing efforts in their tracks. The Democrats are suggesting that if the Republicans don’t co-operate they will be “complicit” in making the outsourcing contracts happen.

At Intelligent Sourcing we’re not entirely certain that accusing a Republican of being complicit in plans by a Republican administration is the greatest insult you can throw at them, but in these times when a number of them are opposed to their own president we’re not sure what’s normal any more.

In addition, according to the report, a number of universities have already decided they’re not playing and will not be outsourcing this time. As per usual, the idea of outsourcing appears to have become subsumed in politics – we’ll keep you posted.

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