CX howlers to avoid

A piece in ChainStoreage has got us thinking at Intelligent Sourcing magazine. It’s about five customer experience mistakes to avoid (actually we’d say avoid all mistakes but that’s because we’re pedants). It’s not all about retail so here is our own list of customer experience howlers – avoid if you can:

  1. Select your partner solely on the grounds of cost. You will end up with a helpdesk looking roughly like the one in the photo and we have a nasty feeling it won’t be entirely because of automation, it will be because buying on cost alone is an automatic race to the bottom in terms of value.
  2. Engage a third party and allow them to do only half the job. Don’t let them near your social media feed, don’t worry about multiple touch points.
  3. If your CX policy is working well enough, don’t re-evaluate it. For years – because what worked in 2014 is just fine in 2019, wouldn’t you say?
  4. Don’t worry that customers find dealing with you different online compared to in person or by phone. You’re allowed to feel like a different company depending on the touch points, people expect it.
  5. Inject the words “cheap”, “cheerful” and “adequate” into your CX policy as often as possible. None of the competition will be surpassing you by miles in the very near future.

Avoid those and you should be making a reasonable start.

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