Customers becoming more demanding

Prescient Strategic Intelligence has issued a paper on customer experience, reported on this link in Whatech, and the results are much as expected but still worthy of note.

If one single message came out clearly then it’s that customers are evolving more quickly than business’ ability to meet the demand. This is exacerbated because although in the past a dissatisfied customer would simply decamp to another supplier, by now they can go on social media and make damaging statements, potentially taking a lot of fellow customers with them.

The report divides CX into its main industry categories but our guess at Intelligent Sourcing is that this doesn’t matter much as the issue is going to become more widespread. Customers and clients have more power than ever before and further industries are going to get caught up in this.

Our forecast would be for a dramatic increase in opportunities for independent CX specialists taking over from in-house teams between now and the middle of the next decade.

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