Could the Brits have had their Carillion money back?

The fallout over the liquidation of the UK outsourcing giant Carillion continues – this time with the news, you might want to call it speculation, that the country’s government had the opportunity to claw back £364m of tax payers’ money.

According to the Guardian and other sources the government had a proposal from auditors Ernst and Young in the middle of last year, which could have mitigated at least some of the damage. Unfortunately nobody pursued this with Carillion’s directors, either trusting them to know what they were doing or being too busy with other matters to notice.

If the last statement sounds cynical then to put in context, the middle of 2017 was when the UK was less than a year from making its historic decision to leave the European Union, the prime minister was still saying “Brexit means Brexit” and talking about the need for a strong and stable government, and between April and June the country was plunged into a general election designed to increase the governing Conservative Party’s majority, but which in fact did no such thing.

You can see why something like a single outsourcing contract, no matter how significant, might have been swept under the carpet. The question we ask ourselves at Intelligent Sourcing Towers is whether there are any more of these oversights waiting to detonate?

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