Contact centre cleared of election issue

Theresa May, Brexit

British readers might recall there was quite a kerfuffle, briefly, last year as allegations emerged over a contact centre in Wales and the general election.

(Things have moved so quickly in the UK that overseas readers could be forgiven for forgetting that we’d had an election; Theresa May wanted her brand of Conservatism to have a stronger mandate so she went into an election four years earlier than she had to, with a 20-point lead according to the polls, and lost her majority a matter of weeks later.)

The suggestion, made by a Channel 4 documentary, was that a contact centre in Neath – Blue Telecoms – was commissioned by the Conservative Party to make calls that breached electoral rules. Once an election is called, campaign spending is regulated in the UK and the implication was that the Conservatives were dressing campaigning calls up as market research.

Well, according to Wales Online and other sources, the case has been dropped. Claims from the party that the calls placed were within the rules appear to have been fully justified.

It’s as if a TV company either had an agenda or just wanted to grab some headlines – and we’d bet the headlines to confirm there was no wrongdoing don’t get a documentary in their own right to balance things up.

Meanwhile Blue Telecoms and its client are completely exonerated.

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