Comic relief raises millions with Pivotal

British readers will be aware of the massive Comic Relief fundraising effort last weekend, and now we can confirm that the transactions (totalling £71m as we went to press) were being handled by Pivotal’s cloud foundry technology.

The cloud is exactly what you need for an organisation like Comic Relief, which has a couple of days of massive transactions per year and then goes very quiet. You can’t afford to miss any donations as they won’t come back the following week so uptime and flexibility in having only temporary servers is vital.

“We are proud to be supporting the fantastic work of a charity as admired as Comic Relief,” commented Colin Humphreys, Vice President, CTO of Cloud at Pivotal. “Being selected to work alongside the organisation is testament to the flexibility of our Cloud Foundry technology, a platform capable of adapting to the significant fluctuations in donation activity and maintaining the reputation of one of the UK’s most admired charities when it matters most.”

“With such a concentrated fundraising window, collaborating with Pivotal has allowed us to manage the huge spikes in demand we experience,” added Zenon Hannick, CTO, Comic Relief. “Thousands of charities rely on the donations we collect. Pivotal’s technology platform provides the reliable base from which we can leap to another record-breaking year of fundraising.”

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