Cognizant joins tech literacy group

Last week a group of global business providers launched The Data Literacy Project to meet the growing demand for a data literate workforce. The community is dedicated to making society fluent in data, and places data literacy at the heart of individual and organizational success.

As an essential skill in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, data literacy empowers everyone to ask questions of data and machines, build knowledge, make decisions and communicate its meaning with others. Yet, experts estimate that fewer than one-third of us can confidently understand, analyze and argue with data.*

The Data Literacy Project was conceived by data analytics leader Qlik®, who launched the initiative with five founding partners: CognizantExperian, the Chartered Institute of Marketing,Pluralsight and Data to the People. These organizations will drive the agenda, deliver educational resources and training and ensure the project achieves its mission.

“With the growing presence of automation, robotics and artificial intelligence, feeling comfortable and confident working with data is critical for individuals navigating the future of work,” said Mike Capone, Qlik CEO. “We have brought together this group of passionate leaders to ignite discussion, create better resources and drive greater appreciation for data skills that are critical for the data revolution occurring around us.”

“There is also an important role for organizations to play in building a data literate world,” said Capone. “Our new Data Literacy Index shows large companies have the potential to achieve $500 million in higher enterprise value through a more data literate culture and workforce, and yet only a third of enterprises provide employees with data literacy training, showing a significant adoption and enablement gap.”

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